Since 2006

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Papamani Security was launched in 2006 as a basement garage start-up and operated as a part of an enterprise business until 2009 when it became necessary to separate it from the enterprise and register it as full separate entity. The business soon developed into a reputable and trusted business and grew enormously across Gauteng and surrounding provinces with main offices being in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Our success is attributed to hands on management, service excellence, in depth (and ever expanding) industry knowledge.

Using this in-depth knowledge of South African security industry and crime statistics we developed unique security solutions to meet the needs of different market segments. This agility and flexibility helped us position Papamani Security as a trusted, professional company that encompasses all elements of the security industry, appealing to the South African masses.

Our cost-effective solutions and uncompromising service excellence allows us to effectively protect the communities, businesses, individuals and anything that may need to be protected.

Our team is passionate, highly educated and knowledgeable in regards to the ever evolving South African security landscape. Our mission is to make it possible for all South Africans to afford effective protection while treating all our stakeholders with dignity and respect and growing the business to new levels.


Armed response service is restricted to Cresta and areas with 5 to 10km radius while all other services cover the whole of Gauteng.

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