Community Protection

Alarm & panic monitoring and response service

Community Protection 2018-08-27T08:56:52+02:00

It is a fact that united communities are well positioned to fight and win the war against crime. The rationale is SOMEWHERE SOMEHOW SOMEONE is watching. Report it and crime will be pushed back. Papamani Security is already providing this service to Cresta Darrenwood Ratepayers Association (CDRA), Darrenwood Residents Association (DRA) and Aldara Park Residents Association (APRA). Call us today to enquire about your community.

With our long history of providing elite security services to some of the country’s largest residential and business communities, we provide an alarm and panic monitoring and response service that makes us unique from any other security armed response provider. All these services are backed by 24/7 Control Room staffed with live dispatchers, a single point of contact for scheduling, site status and reporting.

In residential complexes and Estates where most people don’t own alarm systems, Papamani Security can provide a central panic systems activated by a panic remote that identifies the unit number in our control center. This way response service is send to a specific unit where help is needed. This has proved to be a cost effective armed response solution for estate dwellers. Contact us today for more information for your estate, business park or complex.

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